Welcome in Kurauni

Kurauni is a one of the village of Bihar, India, which is located at about 8 km north from Sheikhpura town in the Sheikhpura district. It is connected by road from Sheikhpura. The neighbour village is Katari, Korma, Mehus, Ramnubigha, etc. The nearest towns are Sheikhpura & Barbigha. Pulse is main crop of village other important crops are Rice, Wheat, Maize, Oil seeds, Vegetables etc. The main industry of the village is agriculture & a big industry of village is Pitcher & Pottery work.

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School : Middle School, Kurauni.

Library : This library is the one of oldest
library of Bihar.
Destroyed by the flood in 1974.


Hospital : Lack of care in the hospital building has been reached in fragmentary.

One compounder & one nurse has appointed in the hospital for care of the villagers.


Bhagwati Sthan (Devi Maa Temple)
Shiv Temple
Hanuman Temple
Shiv Than
(A place where some Statue of God Shiva emersion occured from a tree root).


Population : 1,250
Literacy ( % ) : 65
Language Spoken : Magahi & Hindi

Do You Know

• Our Village Kurauni's Assembly Seat (Barbigha) has given the first chief minister of Bihar.